My first spinning class

IScreen Shot 2014-01-19 at 4.07.15 PM attended my first spinning class today. I have been training on a spinning bike for years but was always reluctant to try spinning classes. They seemed liked an aerobics class on bikes. I once observed a instructor talk of the bike as a step machine.  This put me off.  Instead, I chose to train alone, select my own music and time to spin.

Imagine my surprise to actually like a spinning class.  I decided to try one of the local weekend classes.  It is labelled “Gran Fondo” because it is longer and more intense than the other classes offered at my local community centre – 75 minutes of seated climbs, standing climbs and flat fast rides.  This is longer than I normally spin and the class simulated an actual hilly ride.

I enjoyed the class so much that I am going to do it again next Sunday and, perhaps, every Sunday until the warm, dry weather returns in a few months.  If you have never tried a class, i would suggest you give one a try.  The key for me was the instructor.  The woman that lead this was is a cyclist.  She understands road cycling.  And, she understands training on the road.  She began the session by saying the training techniques she uses in the class are techniques you can take out on the road.  This was important to me.  I didn’t want an aerobics class.  I wanted an aerobic workout that simulates a real ride.

The other thing I liked about the instructor was the way she handled the intensity of each interval.  She let each individual set the intensity for themselves.  The participants were at different levels of aerobic conditioning and experience.  Some experienced road cyclists, some beginners, some young and some old.  Instead, she focused on cadence and effort relative to breathing.  This allows everyone to participate and enjoy the workout.

Give a class a try (if you haven’t already).

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