I want a city like this…

Fit Recovery

I was checking out a buddy’s blog and he posted a documentary about a cycling city in the Netherlands.  Now, if you’re viewing this in the US, please keep in mind, when the professor talks about the “Left Wing” positively and the “Right Wing” negatively, first this shouldn’t be a surprise as he’s a professor (and all too often it takes an intellectual to speak so eloquently and stupidly about the Left Wing) but secondly, they cannot be the same left wing and right wing as they are in the US.  The only thing the Left Wing is capable of doing well in the US is making shit blow up – be it the execrable Weather Underground or Unabomber, or for your standard Democrat; the economy, freedom and happiness.

In any event, there’s plenty of awesomeness in a cycling city to go around for both wings…  In fact, most of the guys I know (myself…

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