The Invisible Bike Helmet


That’s a dream come true for many cyclists, you don’t need to wear a rigid helmet any more while cycling. No more messy hair because of the helmet and no more I don’t wanna wear the helmet today because it doesn’t match my outfit. Although said like that it seems a trivial reason, but surprisingly many cyclists would not use it for this reason. When worn, this helmet looks  like an infinity scarf that comes in different stylish colors and patterns. And just when you need it, it gets converted into an air-bag that protects your head.

It was the idea of two Swedish girls, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, who have came with this idea in 2005 as a part of their M.Sc. thesis. Now it’s a reality, thumbs up Girls. They are also CE labeled which means that they were subjected to the required safety tests and that they…

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