Selecting components for my c. 1980 Roberts

I have decided what components to purchase for the Roberts re-build.  It has been a lengthy endeavour.  There is a lot to consider.  Part sizing.  Gearing.  Wheel diameter.  Stem type.  Use.  Cost.  And, all this while respecting the period and integrity of the frame.
My son introduced me to Feather handcrafted bicycles from Yorkshire, England.  They build beautiful custom steel frames and fit them with contemporary components.  Feather was an inspiration for my Roberts project.
Now I can begin shopping.  My son shops online for components.  I have been sceptical but he saves a lot of money.  I preferred to support the local bike shops.  This time, I am going to compare the relative cost between shopping at my favourite local shop and shopping online at eBay and and the likes of
Stay tuned.  Once I am done, I will itemize the actual cost.  So far I have spent $2.00 for a new set of bearings for the Campagnolo headset.

5 thoughts on “Selecting components for my c. 1980 Roberts

  1. For my bikes I mix between bike shop and internet shopping. I buy a lot of clothes from Nashbar but my cold weather gear was all purchased at my local shop (almost exclusively Specialized). Got my wheels at Nashbar and bought my last two bikes at the shop… About 80/20 at the shop overall. I like saving money online but I also like to support my shop. Good luck.

    • I have come to online shopping late. I am also about 80/20 for now. I get a lot of the Louis Garneau bibs and jerseys online. Not many of the local stores carry much of a selection and I like the fit and quality. My son, on the other hand, purchases all of his components and kits online. He saves a bunch and is very particular. I am going to try and source all the parts I need for the Roberts online. Here is hoping I don’t need luck.

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