Selecting components for the Roberts

The next step for the the Roberts rebuild is to select suitable components for the frame – saddle, seatpost, stem, bars, cranks, derailleurs, brakes, bottom bracket and wheelset.

I have given this considerable thought and consulted with all of the local bike shops (at least those that have considerable experience with steel frame bikes).  I considered both a road and MTB setup.  Both have advantages.  In the end, I decided on a road setup.  It better suits the type of riding I have planned.  I have all the tools I need to build the bike.  And, I also have a number of wheelsets that I can interchange with other bikes.  In addition, I want the bike to retain a classic look.  The frame was not built as a MTB.  It is a long distance road bike.

After the frame was successfully cold set, I measured the seat tube diameter, seatpost diameter, bottom bracket shell width, the previous stem length and crank length so that I had all the specifications required when searching for a new component set.

These are the specifications for the items I need:

  1. A clamp on style front derailleur measuring 28.6 mm in diameter;
  2. Bottom bracket for a shell measuring 68 mm wide and English threading;
  3. A seatpost measuring 27.2 mm in diameter;
  4. A stem measuring 80 mm in length;
  5. Cranks measuring 172.5 mm long;
  6. Handlebars measuring 42 cm wide; and,
  7. Long reach dual pivot caliper brakes to fit 700 C wheels.

In the gallery above I have included some of the items I am currently considering.  If you have an opinion or other suggestions, I would appreciate your comments.

5 thoughts on “Selecting components for the Roberts

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