Cycling is an antidote …


One thing cycling has done for me is to slow me down.  I appreciate where I am and those around me more.  I never feel rushed even when hammering down a hill.  And, I don’t get frustrated when cycling around the city the way I do when driving.  Parking is never a problem.  Stop lights do not slow me down.  They are sometimes even welcomed.  You’ll never hear me say “I’m stuck in traffic”.  Road rage?  What’s that?  I exercise more, eat less (and better), sleep more soundly and enjoy everything and everyone around me.  I am more open to others and listen to my inner voice more.  It is remarkable how your priorities change when you listen to yourself.  I am better focused and much more energetic.  There is no better antidote for depression than a daily ride around Vancouver’s Stanley Park.  The ride gets my endorphins flowing.

2 thoughts on “Cycling is an antidote …

    • it is antidote again if you stuck among people who only eat, work, sleep, have no other interests and can spend sunny day watching anything in telly.
      bike is only escape, I’m so happy that I have one!

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