Why I blog …

I BlogThis post was ititially published February 23, 2013.

People blog for different reasons.

Some blog to earn a living. Some to chronicle a life adventure – a cycling trip around the world or across a continent. Some to journalize their daily lives. And, some to grow their business.

I blog because I enjoy the process. Each post teaches me something. And, each makes me a better writer. I enjoy finding the right word to express a thought, the right image to tell a story. I usually begin with a headline and then an image. If they are focused, the words flow easily. If not, I change the headline or image. In doing so, my thinking takes a new path. I get unstuck.

Blogging has gotten easier. When I began I had to learn HTML and create my own pages. Today, I use WordPress. A tool considered by many to be the best blogging platform available. It supports numerous layout themes, a rich set of add-ons (widgets) to enhance the pages and comprehensive analytics. There are also numerous on-line resources – dictionaries, thesaurus, Google, Scoop.it, Wikipedia … A blogger can plan, research, write, edit, refine, enrich with a few keystrokes. I remember the days of my hand written and illustrated journals. The process was arduous. And, painfully slow.

Easier is the wrong word. Convenient is a better descriptor. Writing is certainly not easy. It is work. And, it is time consuming. But it is also rewarding. Whether anyone listens or not is immaterial. I do not write to be heard. I write to listen. To listen to and develop my own thoughts. And, listen to those around me. If they like what I say, that is great. If not, it doesn’t matter. I write to write. Not to persuade. Not to convince. Not to be liked.

Do I pay attention to WordPress’s analytics? Absolutely. It fascinates me that people all over the world have access to what I write. There are no restrictions. Not age, gender, race, religion, social status or political affiliation. Anyone with internet access, can read what I write. They can like it. Or not. They can comment. Or not. That is the power of the web. It is ubiquitous. What begins as a single thought in my mind is propogated throughout the world, perhaps beyond. And, that single thought may inspire another, and another, and another until those thoughts are a symphony resonating around the world.

That is the reason I write. To make this a better place, one word at a time. And, that is how blogging is like cycling.


You thought this wasn’t about cycling.

Both are an adventure. Both allow me to go where I please, when I please. Both allow me to proceed under my own power, at my own pace. And, both make this a better place. One word and one less car at a time.


6 thoughts on “Why I blog …

  1. What a great comparison. I suppose writing in general is like cycling (or rather the lazy version of cycling!) Your reasons are humble and if everyone would blog for the reasons you do, the blogosphere would be a better place…
    I have been blogging for about 2 months now and have to realise that it is like writing short stories. Each one has its own character and – if you do not ramble and digress very often (which I seem to be an expert at) – its own opinion.

    • Thank you. I’m flattered.

      Writing for the web is different. Online readers have a short attention span. 350-500 words are about all they can tolerate, and a conversational, informal tone works best. And pictures. Online viewers like pictures. They are quicker and easier to digest.

      You have obviously been writing much longer than 2 months. I am pleased I discovered your blog. I have enjoyed your posts very much.

    • Sort of 🙂 Perhaps that is why I say I do it for myself 🙂 I get pleasure from doing it, and am less concerned what people may think. Occasionally, you meet someone of substance out there.

      • I know what you mean. I struggle to keep my content to 500 words or less despite being fully aware that most people will glance over my post. But I’d rather they glanced over something genuine than read something orchestrated and a little “too perfect”.

      • I am sure you have read that, thanks to social media, our average attention span is 8 seconds, a second less than that of a Goldfish. Given that, even 500 words is too long 🙂 It is difficult getting any substantive traction online. I’m the anomaly. When I find work I like, I will spend time with it. Otherwise, I simply scan the headlines.

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