Your LinkedIn Profile is your elevator pitch

apple-orange_jpg_460x345_q85What kind of an impression do you make in a elevator?  Do you set yourself apart?

You have 15 seconds to pitch yourself, your company or a product.  What do you say?  Are you convincing?  Do you get a second opportunity to meet?

What can you say in 15 seconds to make someone want to hear more?  You have to stand out from others and make the listener want to learn more.  There are no second chances if you do not make a good first impression.

Your LinkedIn Profile is no different.  When a viewer lands on your Profile, you have 15 seconds, at most, to encourage them to read the rest of your Profile.  Two things matter most:  your picture; and, your headline.  If they do not interest the visitor, he is off looking for someone that does.  If they do, then he is more likely to read your Summary, your on-line elevator pitch, your 15 second test.

I am convinced it is more important how you pitch than what you pitch.  First impressions are just that.  First impressions.  Are you presentable?  Confident?  Enthusiastic?  Committed?  Trustworthy?

These are the things that matter most; things that will get you that second chance; and, things that will open the door for you.  Make certain your LinkedIn Summary is written in a manner that demonstrates you are enthusiastic, have the skills someone is looking for, can be trusted and are committed.


2 thoughts on “Your LinkedIn Profile is your elevator pitch

    • Thank you for the support. Learning to use LinkedIn effectively is key for service professionals. The first place prospective clients look is on-line. If you don’t present yourself well, you’ll never get another look.

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