Getting noticed on SlideShare

LinkedInSlideShareI am an advocate for both LinkedIn and SlideShare.  They are the perfect marketing platform for business professionals to build their brand, develop thought leadership and build trust.  It was inevitble the two companies would join forces.  They compliment one another perfectly and the improvements made to both services this year have strengthened the match up.

SlideShare is more powerful than I first realized.  I used to view SlideShare simply as a vehicle to add content to my LinkedIn Prodfile.  I now realize it is a content marketing system in its own right and, if used properly, can actually generate leads for your business or practice.

PowerPoint is the language of business.  All organizations, large and small, use PowerPoint to persuage and sell their products and services.  SlideShare enables users to share this content not just with the folks across the table but with a world-wide audience of interested viewers in a language they understand.  The content of these presentations is extracted and used by the search engines so that they can be easily found on-line.  And, they can be added to your LinkedIn Profile, shared with your connections, tweeted to your followers and imbedded in blog posts like this.

The key is to craft presentations that initially grab and hold the viewer’s attention without the need to listen to you speak at the same time.  The following presentation, “10 Tips for Landing on the Front Page of SlideShare“, was developed by Explorics, a US content marking firm and it outlines effective ways to get the most from your presentations.


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