A 5-pocket cycling jersey

FourPocketsI just purchased a cycling jersey with five pockets.

I have written previously about the benefits of jerseys designed specifically for cyclists.  They usually have three, easily accessible pockets generally stuffed with necessary nourishment and repair tools.  This Louis Garneau Sport Metz Cycling Jersey has additional pockets, one stitched to the outside of the middle pocket (the black patch in the picture to the right and the perfect size for a cell phone) and the other, a mesh pocket on the right in red to hold empty gel packs.

The jersey has many features.  A full length zipper for maximum ventilation.  “Pro Cool” mesh to wick prespiration away from the body and improve air flow.  Three angled pockets for easier access.  An “enviro” pocket to store empty gel packs to eliminate littering on the roads.  A silicone “gripper” on the back, bottom hem to maintain the jersey’s place and fit.  Front and back relective accents to enhance the rider’s visibility in low light.  A multimedia pocket that allows for headphone wires to be channelled inside the jersey.

But the feature I like best is the additional pocket for the cell phone.  I never know which pocket it is in.  This way it has a unique place and need not clutter the other pockets.

This is a “semi-pro” jersey for an enthusiastic but recreational rider.

Kudos to the Louis Garneau design team for continually improving the road riding experience.


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