Things I carry

Things I carrySlideShare challenged members to post slide decks describing the things they carry.  It is an interesting thought.  Have you ever wondered what successful people carry around with them?

I was intrigued by the thought.  I had already written a post about what I carry in the pockets of my cycling jersey.  I was hooked.  I posted a presentation I called “What I carry“, a tongue-in-cheek, light hearted description of what I carry in my shoulder bag when walking to and from work.  Unexpectedly, it went viral with over 3,400 views in a week.  Why is it of interest?  After all it is not the material items I carry that matter.  Rather, it is the values in my head that really make the difference.  These values frame the decisions I make, the people I meet, the work I do and the quality of what I experience.

These are 5 things I carry with me regardless of the weather, where I am or what I am doing.


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