SlideShare is YouTube for PowerPoint


PowerPoint presentations are the language of business.  Big or small, businesses use PowerPoint to inform, persuade and teach.  They are used internally to make annoucements and train on new products.  Externally, to present financial results to the board, introduce new products or services to clients and to sell to prospective clients.  It is a universal language used in all sectors throughout the world.

SlideShare is a free, on-line service enabling you to upload your presentations and share them world-wide with anyone interested in what you have to say.  I have been a user for several years but have regained enthusiasm for the service since LinkedIn purchased the company in May of 2012.  Since that time, both LinkedIn and SlideShare have released updated versions of the services making them more effective, easier to use and better integrated with other social media platforms.

SlideShareScreenPreviously, I thought of SlideShare as a means to add content to my LinkedIn Profile.  Now, I view it as an independent content management system that is seamlessly integrated with other social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook and Google+.  I don’t think of it as simply an adjunct to LinkedIn any longer.

Here are several features I like.

  • When a slide deck is uploaded, you have the option of entering up to 20 tags and a 3,000 character description.  These fields are indexed by the search engines and make it easier for them to be found on-line.
  • Presentations can be easily embedded into web and blog pages.  There is a copy button that provides the necessary code that can be pasted into the web or blog page.
  • The presentation display screen (illustrated above) includes buttons to share the item on your choice of other social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.  You can have the item automatically posted to these sites when it is uploaded or, as I prefer, direct the traffic yourself.  In addition, the buttons tabulate the number of times you have posted to each of these sites to help monitor views with shares.
  • You can search and display specific presentations, or groups of presentations, by keywords.  And, when an Item is displayed, you see when it was uploaded and the number of times it has been viewed on-line.
  • And, the SlideShare Home page features presentations uploaded that day and ones that are trending on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  It is informative to see what content others are uploading and these can be filtered topic, type, date of posting and several other criteria.

There are many other improvements.  It is not my intention to list them all here.  If you are not already a SlideShare user and, making presentations is an integral part of your work life, I would recommend you setup an account and begin uploading your work.

Here is a SlideShare presentation outlining the features that has been embedded into this post.


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