Keep your feet warm

LouisGarneauBootiesBooties. Shoe covers.  What a terriffic Christmas present.

For years, I have ridden without wind and rain protection for my feet.  I would ride anyway.  I love to ride.  But rides were often cut short because of cold, numb or wet feet.

These Louis Garneau booties block the cold and rain.  Here are the technical specifications that make that happen:

  • made with polyurethane coated  lycra;
  • 100% waterproof sealed taped seams;
  • reinforced toe covers;
  • Velcro under sole fasteners;
  • cleat openings; and,
  • reflective tape and  logos.

I had to learn how to put them on.  There is a trick.  Put them on your feet before the shoes.  And, after buckling up your shoes, pull them down over the toe in front and then, the heel in the back before fastening the velco strap underneath.  This seems obvious enough now but, the first time I put the shoes on first and then, tried to pull the booties over them.  I made it happen but it was a very tight fit.

I also wear winter bibs and a waterproof, windproof jacket similar to the one reviewed in the video below.  And, I too live by the sea and have a lot of hills to climb.

Cool weather riding has never been so enjoyable.  I really do not get cold.  I stay out longer, work harder and never feel I want to get in because of the cold, rain or wind.


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