What to keep in your saddle pak


Always travel prepared.  Flat tires are common.  You don’t want to be stranded miles from home.  Get a saddle pak and carry the following items.

  1. Tire levers.  You only need 1 but carry an extra just in case one breaks or you have a troublsome tire to remove.
  2. Spare tube.  It is quicker and easier than having to patch the flat.  Sometimes, a pin hole cannot be identified without water.
  3. CO2 cartridges.  Take two just in case you make a mistake.
  4. Multi-tool.  You may have to make minor adjustments to your brakes, derrailers, seat post height or handlebars.
  5. Money.  Take some cash along in case of an emergency or a coffee break.

And, make certain you know how to change and inflate the tube.  If you have never removed a tire or used a CO2 cartridge, I would suggest you practice before taking a long ride.

Here is a short video lesson in case you have not done it before.


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