Why I blog


Why people blog

People blog for different reasons.

Some blog to earn a living.  Some to chronicle a life adventure – a cycling trip around the world or across a continent.  Some to journalize their daily lives.  And, some to grow their business.

I blog because I enjoy the process. Each post teaches me something.  And, each makes me a better writer.  I enjoy finding the right word to express a thought, the right image to tell a story.  I usually begin with a headline and then an image.  If they are focused, the words flow easily.  If not, I change the headline or image.  In doing so, my thinking takes a new path.  I get unstuck.

writingBlogging is easier

Blogging has gotten easier.  When I began I had to learn HTML and create my own pages.  Today, I use WordPress.  A tool considered by many to be the best blogging platform available. It supports numerous layout themes, a rich set of add-ons (widgets) to enhance the pages and comprehensive analytics.  There are also numerous on-line resources – dictionaries, thesaurus, Google, Scoop.it, Wikipedia …  A blogger can plan, research, write, edit, refine, enrich with a few keystrokes.  I remember the days of my hand written and illustrated journals.  The process was arduous.  And, painfully slow.

Easier is the wrong word.  Convenient is a better descriptor.  Writing is certainly not easy.  It is work.  And, it is time consuming.  But it is also rewarding.  Whether anyone listens or not is immaterial.  I do not write to be heard.  I write to listen.  To listen to and develop my own thoughts.  And, listen to those around me.  If they like what I say, that is great.  If not, it doesn’t matter.  I write to write.  Not to persuade.  Not to convince.  Not to be liked.

ubiquityIt is ubiquitous

Do I pay attention to WordPress’s analytics?  Absolutely.  It fascinates me that people all over the world have access to what I write.  There are no restrictions.  Not age, gender,  race, religion, social status or political affiliation.  Anyone with internet access, can read what I write.  They can like it.  Or not.  They can comment.  Or not.  That is the power of the web.  It is ubiquitous.  What begins as a single thought in my mind is propogated throughout the world, perhaps beyond.  And, that single thought may inspire another, and another, and another until those thoughts are a symphony resonating around the world.

That is the reason I write.  To make this a better place, one word at a time.  And, that is how blogging is like cycling.


You thought this wasn’t about cycling.

Both are an adventure.  Both allow me to go where I please, when I please.  Both allow me to proceed under my own power, at my own pace.  And, both make this a better place.  One word and one less car at a time.

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