Louis Garneau Quartz Helmet

Quartz IIAn old helmet

I have needed a new helmet for over a year.  Perhaps longer.  I read recently that it is advisable to replace your helmet every few years to insure its structural integrity.  I haven’t had a new one for over 5 years.

I looked for almost a year.  I wanted a helmet to match my new ride and road shoes – black, white and red in some combination.  Predominately white?  Black?  I was in two minds.  The bike is mostly black with white and red detail.  The shoes are white with black and red highlights.  I have no need to match club or team colours.  Above all else, I wanted a comfortable, light and cool fit.  I tried all of the popular brands.  Giro.  Alpina. Lazer.  Bell.  Mavic.  And every other manufacturer I could find.  I was on a mission.

Vancouver has many bike shops but many are centered on the Broadway corridor, a stretch for 3 blocks east of Cambie Street.  La Bicycletta.  The Bike Doctor.  Mighty Riders.  oTR.  Sports Junkies.  MEC.  Sport Chek.  On the walk home after work, I would regularly frequent these shops.  And, on the weekends, I would saunter down to do some shopping, have a coffee and investigate helmets.

Louis Garneau manufactures high quality, premium bikes and clothing.  Unfortunately, few Vancouver shops carry their products.  Sport Junkies carry the lower end of the product line.  And, this year, oTR carried the Louis Garneau Hertz helmet.  Nothing else.  Just the helmet.

oTR to the rescue

I ride the Louis Garneau Gennix R2 carbon frame.  And, love it.  I was anxious to try their helmets.  They are available on-line but you really need to try a helmet on.  They all fit and adjust differently.  None of the shops in all of Vancouver apparently had any Louis Garneau helmets.  Imagine my surprise when I found the Quartz at oTR, a small, cycle clothing boutique on the corner of Braodway and Ontario – conventiently located on the Ontario Street bikeway.  They had 1 left in my size.  The moment I put it on I was taken with the fit.  I almost didn’t notice it on my head.  And, it was black with white stripes.

I didn’t buy it immediately.  I went home.  Checked all the reviews I could find.  They all spoke highly of the advanced technical innovation and comfortable fit.  These are the technical specifications provided on the Garneau website:

  • Weight: 8.8 oz/250 g
  • Certifications: CPSC-ASTM-CEN-AS 2063*   (*Order 1408950 for Australian certification)
  • Vents: 33
  • Super MSB Technology: Ring-shaped protection at the base  of the helmet reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection.
  • In-Mold Construction: Industrial process binding the front liner and outer shelle for increased durability.
  • Evacuation channels: Moisture channels provide better airflow and moisture wicking.
  • Ringlock: Frame ring that ensures helmet’s integrity on impact.
  • Spiderlock SL: Lightweight rack-and-pinion  system, micro-adjustable using only one hand, offering extremet comfort and stability.
  • Steplock Divider: Cam locking device to quickly adjust strap position.
  • Sealed Airdry padding: Washable sealed adjustment padding for enhanced durability, ergonomic design for optimum comfort.
  • V-Pro System: Receptacle molded into the helmet in order to put on and off the visor as often as you wish. Plastic plugs are included to fill the holes when not used.
  • Quartz Visor: Specifically designed for the Quartz, this visor perfectly adapts to the helmet design. Can be installed with the included V-Pro system.
  • S: 6 1/2-7; 20 1/2″ – 22″; 52-56 cm
  • M: 7-7 3/8; 22″ – 23 1/4″; 56-59 cm
  • L: 7 3/8-7 3/4; 23 1/4″ – 24 1/2″; 59-62 cm
  • XL: 7 3/4-8; 24 1/2″ – 25 3/4″; 62-65 cm

A new helmet

What is there not to like?  At $139.95 CAD the Quartz is comparable to more expensive helmets.  It is the perfect colour.  It is the best fitting of all the models I tried.  With 33 vents it, is cool.

I returned to oTR a few days later and purchased the helmet.  It is as if I was meant to have it.  One remaining in all of Vancouver.  My size.  The right colour.  And, excellent value.  I even paid full price, something I have moved away from with the availability of so many on-line shopping alternatives.

Christie Wellington is an advocate

chrissie-wellingto_1499620cChristie Wellington is a 3 time World Ironman Champion.  She wears a Quartz helmet.  Listen to what she says about the helmet.

This is a promotional video produced by Louis Garneau to demonstrate that the Quartz is the real thing … view video


For over 25 years, Louis Garneau has been an innovator in the world of cycling. What started in his father’s garage has grown into an internationally recognized industry leader that specializes in the design and development of technological and innovative gear.

The moral of this story is that Louis Garneau needs to do a better job marketing in Vancouver.


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