January Training Summary

MovesCount (Feb 1 2013)

www.movescount.com Summary (January)

January in Review

January was the first month of the three month training program developed to kick start my 2013 cycling goals.  It was also the first month I have been able to use the Suunto www.movescount.com on-line workout diary.  The summary above is an accumlation of the 13 workouts I recorded.

January was cold and wet.  I was on the bike only once.  All of the other 12 workouts were indoors on a Keiser spinning bike at the Vancouver Raquets Club where I am a member.  I am not going to reiterate the above numbers.  They are self explanatory and serve as a benchmark for the months ahead.  Instead, I will focus on the progress I made and tips learned.

  • I train harder on the weekend when I have time and recover through the week.  Suunto recommends 1-2 high intensity workouts with several easier workouts in between to allow a full recovery.
  • I have lost weight and am only a few pounds short of my initial target.  My pants are looser and I have my belt buckled a notch tighter.  At this pace, approximately one (1) pound per week, I will be at my optimal weight – 170 pounds – by the end of February.
  • I began having a VEGA smoothie – 3/4 scoop of vega, 1 banana and 1 cup water – every afternoon before walking home.  It is sustaining and eliminates all of the mid-afternoon snacking.
  • I continue to walk home in the evening.  This is a 60-90 minute walk that burns ~ 500 calories with a TE 1.5.  I treat this as a low intensity, recovery workout 5 times a week regardless of the weather.  These walks are not included in the summary above.
  • I included a core workout at least once a week.  And, a leg weight workout following my Sunday spins.
  • I pedal harder and faster with less effort.  I can spin easily at 100-110 rpm, a cadence I once thought too fast to maintain.  Today, I maintained a 100-115 rpm cadence for 1.5 hours straight.
  • I spin in front of a full length mirror.  It is an opportunity to focus on form and technique.  My pedal stroke is more efficient engaging the thigh, hamstring, calves and hip flexors continuously with each revolution.  I pedal this way without having to think much about it.
  • I wear bibs, a cycling top and cycling shoes in the gym.  It is more comfortable on the spinner and makes me feel like a cyclist.
  • My power is originatiing from my core.  This is a sensation I have experienced with running in the past but never on a bike like this.  Today, while out of the saddle pushing with high resistance, I could spin at 100 rpm for short periods and felt as if the core and legs muscles were one, all working in unison delivering power to the pedals.  This may be because of the faster cadence and the need to stabalize the core or I may just be getting stronger.  Whatever the reason, it feels good.  Powerful.
  • My resting heart rate is 44 bpm down from 48 bpm a month ago.
  • I began using my iPod this month playing high-tempo, dance music.  It helps pass the time.

February Goals


Target Heart Rate Zones

January was a good start –  improvements in all areas.  I will follow the same schedule in February only trying to increase the work load.  I have the following 5 goals for the month:

  1. Lose 4 pounds;
  2. Ride outside 3 times for rides of 50+ km;
  3. Train an additional 2 hours – add at least 1 mid-week workout, ride outside for 2+ hours each ride and complete 1 spin workout lasting 2 hours;
  4. Train in the aerobic range at 75% MHR; and,
  5. Stretch daily – quads, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors and lower back.

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