Another LinkedIn picture that stands out

DrBrianMartinI have been chronicalling effective LinkedIn pictures for several months.  This interest began when I first saw Brian Scudmore’s profile.  Mr. Scudmore is a Vancouver entrepreneur that has done an excellent job branding himself and his business on LinkedIn.  One litmus test I use is how well a picture standouts out in the continuous stream of updates I receive.  Mr. Scudmore’s does just that.

Dr. Brian Martin is a Vancouver naturopath specializing in chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. He is also expert in treating some difficult common problems such as obesity, infertility, and chronic fatigue.

Like Mr. Scudmore, Dr. Martin has done an excellent job of branding his business,  Enerchanges Optimal Aging Clinic, with his LinkedIn picture, setting him apart in my update stream.  His picture is one of very few using a coloured outline which includes his busness’s logo.  And, he is the only medical practitioner I see making effective use of LinkedIn.


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