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I am surprised with the response to the “Use your LinkedIn picture to brand yourself” post.  In less than week, the post has been viewed more than 100 times throughout the world including interest from Brazil, Australia, India, Portugal, Great Britain and, of course Canada and the US.

LinkedIn has made a concerted effort to improve visual content and thought leadership on their pages with the new features currently being introduced.  Consequently, an individual’s picture is more important than ever.  And, LinkedIn is fast becoming the most effective branding vehicle available to the business professional.

Here are other users making the most of their pictures.  They stand out in the steady stream of updates that I see daily.  I am not, in any way, recommending these individuals or their work.  I have not yet had an opportunity to work with them.  Rather, I am commenting on the effectiveness of the pictures they have selected to use on LinkedIn.  These photographs use a variety of techniques to attrack attention and hold the viewers interest.


Joanne Singleton, Realtor

stylish, sophisticated, contemporary and dramatic, like a fashion photograph


Scott Adolf, Photographer

imaginative use of light, the focus of his work, intense and dramatic – even includes company’s watermark


Dean Mailey, President – Fusion Communications Group Inc

shallow depth of focus highlights facial features, cropped face, head angled as if in conversation and engaged


Michael Barrack, Lawyer, Partner at ThorntonGroutFinnigan

B&W ( traditional craft much like the law and stands out in the stream ), sitting across the desk presumably with a client, affable, engaged and approachable – this is more complete than a single head shot


Gregory Keith, Vice President/Owner,Dueck Auto Group

good use of color, taken in a showroom with cars (his line of business) in the background


Tony Davis, Mortgage Broker

different perspective, shot from the side, darkened, out of focus background highlights face and shirt


Kirk LaPointe, Special Advisor to the Office of the Ombudsman at CBC

B&W, raised point of view, light background highlights subject, geometric back drop adds interest and suggest a path forward


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