The Time Crunched Cyclist


I know it is winter and it is time to enjoy the snow, ski the steeps and generally relax but now is also a good time to start training for your 2013 big event, so don’t wait! Get your training plan ready and get going. Personally, I am spending a lot of time cross-training which in my case means downhill skiing and snowshoeing. It also means spending “some” time on the bike just to keep the legs spinning. Relaxing is not the same as not training. I have worked too hard to gain fitness I am not to just throw it away.

Another key aspect to remaining motivated through the off-season is to ensure you have clear goals for the upcoming year. It is January 4th and not only are my big 2013 events/goals identified but my training plan is pretty much finalized too. My big event this year is the

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