More on permission-based eMail

Permission-based email is still the most cost effective marketing technique.  Earlier, I spoke of how Leah Costello is making effective use of LinkedIn’s email feature to promote her Bon Mot Book Club events.  Indochino takes email marketing to another level.

Indochino, a Vancouver-based on-line, custom tailor for men does an excellent job with email.  I featured the company previously and continue to be impressed with the consistant, high quality content.

I subscribe to their email newsletter.  I opt-in to receive regular messages.  Each week, I receive 2-3 messages featuring  wardrobe suggestions.  And each week, I receive a lesson on fashion.  Each message contains a high-resolution photograph that features their clothing and a catchy tagline.

Take note.  Indochino is an on-line service organization providing a service historically delivered on-site and in person.  This is the trend.  And, not just for retailers.  More and more service organizations of all shapes and sizes are taking their offering on-line to brand themselves, build trust and develop thought leadership.  Permission-based email is a technique to deliver quality content to a niche market that moves readers along the sales path.

Have I purchased a suit from Indochino?  No.  Not yet.  But I have recommended Indochino to freinds and colleagues.

Kudos to the Indochino team for raising the bar.  Here a several examples of their work.

Indochino (London Look)  Indochino (Effortless Style)Indochiuno (Testured Takeover)


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