Thumbs up for these LinkedIn users

These LinkedIn users are pushing the envelope

Some members make very effective use of LinkedIn.  This can mean different things, depending on your objectives.  For me, it means to consistently demonstrate thought leadership, brand with imaginative pictures, encapsulate potential value with engaging  headlines and, be noticed in status update streams.

I have noticed the following users.  They demonstrate, at least to me, that they understand the potential of LinkedIn to influence and persuade.

Matt FraserMatt Fraser, President and COO YYoga

Mr. Fraser, a 2011 BIV Forty Under 40 Winner, uses a picture that is unique and always stands out.  The off-centre composition and grainy texture of the image is not only different than other pictures, it speaks to the culture and sensibility of his clients.  Also, he regularly shares job postings with his network.  This is an effective technique to not only attrack talent but to demonstrate YYoga is both progressive and growing.

Leah CostelloLeah Costello, Writer, Filmmaker and Event Host

Ms. Costello, a 2012 BIV Forty Under 40 Winner, does something with LinkedIn I see very few others doing.  She emails her connections directly to promote The Bon Mot Book Club events.  This is a powerful feature.  Permission-based eMail is one of the most effective marketing techniques.  And, in a way, by connecting to others, you are giving them permission to reach out to you.  LinkedIn supports the ability to target eMails by company, locations and industries and, too few people use it..

Paul Hegott

Paul Hergott, Lawyer

Mr. Hergott (Hergott Law) is a BC personal injury lawyer.  He uses, an on-line content curation tool, to deliver regular, insightful content regarding motor accidents in the province.  He is, above all else, an advocate for safer driving practices.  And, he uses his LinkedIn Summary to warm people of the consequences.  This is how it reads:

“Car crashes are not inevitable. 

British Columbia’s driving culture is one of “autopilot”. We get in our vehicles like we would get on a bus. We keep the vehicle between the lines.  Somehow, we need to change that driving culture. We need to be focused on our driving every second we sit behind the wheel. If we did, we would virtually eliminate crashes.

No shit. We would. 

Car crashes cost British Columbians billions of dollars every year in direct cost. That doesn’t count the horrendous personal losses to families and relationships.

One crash is too many.”

This is a non conventional but very effective use of the Summary section.  It’s personal and it describes what Mr. Hergott is about.  If I needed a personal injury lawyer, I would not hesitate to call him.

Thumbs up to these users for pushing LinkedIn to its limits.


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