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ArchiTrixProjectI have commented previously on the importance of posting content regularly on LinkedIn.  Style Nine to Five is a Vancouver recruitment company for the fashion industry that does an excellent job of posting regular, interesting content.  Architrix Studio is a Vancouver residential design firm also making effective use of LinkedIn.  They regularly post quality images of their new projects.  This is the only architectural design firm I have seen making good use of social media. 

Paula Metcalfe founded Revision Interiors in 2005, an online modern furniture store featuring used designer pieces.  She loves modern furniture and wants to share the beauty of it with others.  Ms. Metalfe has worked in one of Vancouver’s premiere design showrooms, Inform Interiors, for the past 8 years after graduating from Emily Carr’s Industrial Design program where she learned how to buy, sell and recognize original modern furniture.  Revision Interiors enables the prudent shopper to acquire coveted pieces of modern furniture at a realistic price.

PaulaMetalfeMs. Metcalfe regularly posts quality images of the pieces she has available from world renoun designers including the likes of Armani, MaxAlto, Muurame, Porada, B&B Italia, Herman Miller, Bensen, Nienkampher and others.  If you have furniture to sell or are looking for a designer piece, have a look at Revision Interiors.

Style Nine to Five, ArchiTrix and Revision Interiors all post regular, quality content.  Each in their own way are making effective, innovative use of LinkedIn to promote their product or service and to build their brand on-line.


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