Use your LinkedIn picture to brand yourself


Your LinkedIn picture is key.  It is the first thing a visitor sees.  You need it to generate interest and tell something about yourself and the work you do.

Brian Scudamore is a Vancouver entrepreneur.  He started the 1-800-GOT-JUNK franchise as a teenager and has grown the business to include over 1,000 trucks in over 180 locations throughout North America and Australia.  His LinkedIn picture is an excellent example of branding that invites the viewer to learn more about him and his business.

What makes the picture so effective? 

  1. The composition has Mr. Scudamore to the left with one of his trademark trucks in the background.  The off-centre layout adds interest and encourages the eyes to move right to read the business’s logo on the side of the truck.
  2. Mr. Scudamore is wearing a vest that is also branded with the business’s colours and logo.  It compliments the background rather than fight with it which so often happens.
  3. And finally, Mr. Scudamore looks relaxed and approachable, even with his arms folded.

This image conveys much more than a simple headshot.  It depicts Mr. Scudamore as informal, affable and it immediately identifies his business.  Without reading the rest of his Profile, the viewer knows what he is about.

This is one of the best LinkedIn pictures I have seen.


2 thoughts on “Use your LinkedIn picture to brand yourself

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