Don’t just talk be heard

Be HeardI am often asked “How often do I need to post content on LinkedIn?“.  I respond with “Frequently!”.  If you are going to say something, you want it to be heard.  Otherwise, you are simply whistling in the wind. To be heard, your audience must be present and you have to say something of interest.

You need to speak directly to your audience.  People are not always logged onto LinkedIn.  There is little point reaching out if they are not there.  When is the best time to post?  In my mind, there are 3 categories of LinkedIn users.

  1. Frequent Users – Frequent users are logged onto LinkedIn all day, most days.  They are often marketing and sales people trolling for prospects, researching competitors and promoting their product or service.
  2. Regular Users – These are business owners and professionals that understand the importance of LinkedIn but are busy with clients and managing their business.  They generally will log on first thing in the morning, at lunch when they may have a break or perhaps at the end of the day.  They want to stay in touch but have priorities other than marketing themselves.
  3. Occasional Users – And then there are the occasional users; users that log on once every week or two, respond to invitations and, for the most part, are becoming familiar with LinkedIn.

All of these users may be a potential client and you want to share content with them all.  So, if you are only active on-line once a day, you will not be heard by a large percentage of your connections, unless they visit you Profile directly.

If you want to heard on-line, you must share content regularly througout the day.

ChristieLohrChristie Lohr is a Vancouver-based fashion recruiter.  She operates an on-line recuitment service for the fashion industry across Canada.  Her website enables employers to post job opportunities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.  And, job seekers can post their resumes.  I do not know Ms. Lohr.  And, I am not interested in a fashion job.  But I am impressed with her use of social media, particularly LinkedIn.

With respect to social media, Ms. Lohr does 2 things right.

  1. She posts opportunities on-line throughout the day.  I am what I refer to as a “regular” user.  Every time I log into LinkedIn, I see a fresh post from her.  Every hour, sometimes more frequently, she makes a post.  Sometimes it is new content.  Other times, it is a repeat.
  2. And, she uses the post to educate.  They are not just about job opportuntunities but blog posts or other material of interest to the fashion industry usually featuring high quality fashion photographs.  She is using LinkedIn to brand her business, Style Nine to Five, as a national,high quality fashion recuitment service.

Ms. Lohr knows how to use social media to build a brand, develop thought leadership and to personalize her business.  Kudos to her and her team.


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