Permission-based eMail

xxxIndochinoEmail is not dead. 

Permission-based, email campaigns build brands, establish trust and demonstrate thought leadership.  Because recipients opt-in (or not), they are receptive to your messages and, a qualified target for your product or service.

Indochino is revolutionizing the way men shop for clothing.  This Vancouver start-up crafts custom-made, high-quality suits, blazers, pants, shirts and accesories.  What is different about the company, is that these items are ordered on-line (you measure yourself) and delivered to your door within weeks.  One of the founders, Kyle Vucko, hails from “Victoria, British Columbia where [he] met co-founder, friend and fellow classmate Heikal Gani at the University of Victoria. When Heikal shared the story of his struggle to find a suit, Kyle’s head for business recognized the potential to shake up the men’s online fashion world. Kyle combines his commercial acumen and passion for innovation and style to lead Indochino’s pursuit of sartorial influence across the world.”  The two suspended their university studies to start the business in 2010.  In 2011 Kyle was a Business in Vancouver Forty Under 40 winner.

Indochino caters to young, business professionals.  The clothing is contemporary, well-made and distinctive; the concept is innovative and revolutionary; and, their marketing strategy sets them apart, particularly their use of permission-based emails.

Suit for every dayOnce a week I receive an Indochino email that not only promotes specials and new designs but educates me about fashion.  I learn about texture, colour, styles and how to accessorize a look.  Each message is fresh.  And, each contains a high-resolution, fashion photograph.  Not only am I learning how to dress (and I certainly need all the help I can get) but I am beginning to trust Indochino as a fashion advisor not just a clothing supplier with a novel manufacturing and distribution concept.  This is the power of permission-based email.  It empowers service providers to earn your trust and build your confidence in them. 

No matter what the critics may say, email is not dead.


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