When you eat matters – Week 3

3-fingersThe experiment continues.  The third week is complete. I am accustomed to the schedule and like the unexpected changes.  I eat less, eat more nutricious foods and have more energy for my evening walks and weekend spinning workouts.  On the weekend, I did a spinning workout with a Suunto, level 5 Training Effect (“This workout helps you greatly improve your aerobic performance, but only if followed by a sufficient recuperation period. Training at this level requires an extremely high level of exertion and should not be performed often.”), the maximum possible.  Surprisingly, the wworkout was not overly difficult to complete.

In addition, I have lost 5 pounds to-date, another unexpected side effect.  Yesterday, I weighed myself – 178 pounds.  Using an on-line optimum weight calulator that considers your gender, age, height and frame, my ideal weight is in the range off 166-181 pounds.  Based on previous experience, I believe 170 pounds is ideal for me given my activity level.

I suspect this change of eating habits will last.  I have been an advocate of fasting for many years.  I have had positive results in the past with fasting 1-2 days a month but found it difficult to maintain unless living alone.  This way, fasting for 16 hours every day, has a similar effect and is easy to continue without impacting those around you.

I said I would do this for a month.  Now I have re-committed to the end of 2012, another 3 weeks.  This will put the change to the test.  It is Christmas and there will be additional temptations to eat richer foods and enjoy festive drinks.

I have 2 immediate goals:

  1. attain my ideal weight of 170 pounds; and,
  2. make these eating habits a permanent change.

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