Spinning Bike Workout – Training Effect (TE) Level 5

spinning-cycle-workout-800x800Previously, I discussed the merits of training on the spinning bike and how you can sustain the work load, increase the training effect and improve your endurance.

This past weekend I completed a Suunto, Level 5 workout; a 45 minute spin with progessive loads; a training effect difficult to complete on the road without a long, continuous climb.  This intensity should only be done once every few weeks but illustrates the effectiveness of spinning workouts.

This is a 45 minute spinning workout.  The Keiser‘s spinning resistance can be adjusted from 0-24 where 0 is the least resistance analogous to riding down hill with a tail wind and 24 which would be like a very steep climb into a headwind.  This workout incorporates a range of resistance levels designed to tax the rider to the limit.

  1. 10 minute warm up at an easy pace, maintaining an 85-90 rpm cadence at a resistance level that results in a sweat.
  2. 3 – 8 minute sets, each with increasing work loads as follows:
    1. 1 minute at the warm up pace;
    2. 1 minute – warm up resistance + 2 levels;
    3. 1 minute – warm up resistance + 4 levels;
    4. 1 minute – warm up resistance + 6 levels;
    5. 1 minute – warm up resistance + 8 levels); and,
    6. 1 minute – warm up resistace + 10 levels (so that you must get out of the saddle);
    7. 2 minute rest at your warm up pace.
  3. 7 minutes at a moderate pace (ie 80 rpm) and medium resistance, higher than your warm up level but less than your stand up level.
  4. 4 minute cool down at and easy pace and light resistance.

The key is to select a range of resistances that maximizes your effort at the end of each set.  By adjusting the resistances, you can complete a level 5 workout in just 45-60 minutes. Once you begin improving, either increse the resistance range or increase your RPM to keep it at a TE 5 workout.


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