LinkedIn Likes, Comments and Shares

It is pointless having a LinkedIn Profile if you don’t engage with your network.  Otherwise, you might just as well have a static, brochure-like website.

LinkedIn is dynamic.  That is its power.  It gives you the opportunity to target prospective clients and engage them in meaningful discussion. 

The content Share command is simple to use but a very powerful networking resource.  A lot has been said about the value of content marketing but little has been written about LinkedIn’s “Like”, “Comment”, “Send a message” and “Share” buttons accompanying your network’s shares.  These are an opportunity to reach out to an individual and start a virtual conversation with them.

If you notice content shared by one of your connections, read it.  Don’t just let it scroll by.  Everyday I display the page that lists all of the shares made within my network. If I like the material, I comment about it, share it with my network and, if appropriate, eMail my connection directly, requesting additional information or praising him/her for bringing this information to my attention.

You may be surprised.  People want to be heard and once this dialogue begins, it is much easier to pick up the phone to call.


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