Suunto Bike Pod

I like elegant solutions.  It is the reason I enjoyed math at school and excelled at computer programming.  The more concise the logic, the more elegant the solution.

I just installed carbon fibre handle bars on my road bike.  They are light and, well, elegant.  I did not want to clutter the look with a cycle computer but they all mount on either the bars or stem.

Or, that was what I thought until I began searching on-line for a better solution. I wear a Suunto t3d heart rate monitor and use it regularly to measure the intensity of my gym workouts and road rides.  I didn’t know they also have a “Road Bike POD” that attaches to your bike as the front wheel’s quick release, wirelessly connects to the t3d (and other models as well) and, not only measures heart rate and training intensity but speed and distance as well.

It doesn’t clutter the bars, provides essential training information and, most importantly, it is an elegant solution.

(November 11, 2012 – Just returned from a ride.  Forgot to wear the heart rate belt but the bike pod worked just fine.  It records and displays time of ride, distance, average speed and maximim speed.  In case you are wondering, I strongly recommend this device.  It is easy to install, although the instructions and manual need some work.  Are you listening Suunoto?  Tell your customers how to access ALL of the available menus.  And, it is easy to use.  Press one button on the watch and it is on.)


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