LinkedIN Scepticism

I was an early LinkedIN adopter but admit to being sceptical at first.  It wasn’t until I made an on-line connection resulting in new business that I took a different view.  I realized I could meet potential clients on-line just as effectively as I might at a conference or through a referral source.  In fact, I was better able to target prospects and to stay in regular contact with them sharing pertinent content and announcements.  In time, more new business was generated from LinkedIN relationships than any other means.  So much so that LinkedIN has become my principle contact management system.

I tell the sceptics to be patient, complete their Profiles, share original content, join discussion groups and integrate efforts with live networking events.  Like all networking, it takes time.  Don’t expect immediate results.  Schedule time each and every day to optimize your Profile, make new connections and demonstrate your expertise.


2 thoughts on “LinkedIN Scepticism

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