Picture – make it interesting

LinkedIN allows you to add a picture to your profile.  Make certain you do.  Remember, this may be the first time someone sees you.  Make it count.  Choose a picture that is visually interesting, depicts who you are as a professional and is inviting to the viewer.  It is your profile.  Do not include your mate or pets.  Select a background that says something about you; something you want to share with your viewers; and, something that provides more inforation about who you are and what you do.  And, consider a shot from a different perspective – above, below or from the side.

If your firm has taken professional portraits for use on your website, use them.  Depending on the composition, you may want to crop the image to make it more interesting or create a close up.

Here are several imaginative examples. 

Matt Fraser  ryandalziel_DSP8886_r_fmt


4 thoughts on “Picture – make it interesting

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