Title – describe what you do

What does your professional title mean?

Manager.  Senior Manager.  Partner.  Principal.  Director.  It means something to others within your organization.  It relates your relative seniority and responsibility within the firm.  But how important is it to others?  It does not describe what you are good at and interested in.  It does not describe what you do, who you do it for and how you can help others.

LinkedIN allows you to be more specific so that your viewers can quickly learn what you do and whether they want or need your services.

So, don’t say Senior Accountant.  Insead, say “CA providing audit and tax planning services to privately held companies“.

Don’t say “Partner at ABC LLP”.  Instead, say “CGA providing accounting and tax planning solutions to business owners“.

You get the idea.  Use this opportunity to say more about yourself to encourage the viewer to keep reading and to differentiate yourself.


2 thoughts on “Title – describe what you do

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