You need a LinkedIN Profile

LinkedIN is the largest social media site used by business professionals.  There are over 135 million users world wide in over 200 countries with 2 new members every second.  Think about those numbers for a minute …  There are over 5 million users in Canada alone.  There is a high probability your business associates and prospects are already users and if they aren’t, they soon will be.

If you are a fee earner or business owner, there are numerous reasons to have a LinkedIN Profile.  The most important, at least from my perspective, is so that you can be easily found by your prospects.  Before you meet a prospective client for the first time, they will do some research; they may ask their colleagues about you and they will look for you on-line (if they don’t, they should).  They will Google your name to see what they can learn about you before meeting.  You want to make certain they find your LinkedIN Profile and that it describes what you do, who you do it for and why they should consider hiring you and not the lawyer, financial planner, insurance broker, accountant or business competitor next door.

Think of your LinkedIN Profile as a personal neon sign that is turned on 24/7 telling your prospects that you are open for business and how you are different than your competitors.  Unlike a storefront sign that is only seen by local passers by, your Profile is visible throughtout the city, country, region, continent and internationally to highly targeted groups – the people most likely to become clients.

This doesn’t happen by chance.  Unlike a sign that you simply turn on in the window when you are open for business, your LinkedIN Profile must be crafted to attrack the right crowd and convince them to consider you.  Your Profile needs SEO just like your website and it needs to tell a compelling story that is consistent with your website and other marketing channels.


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